Celebration Sticks

How fun and cute is this?! Similar to our balloon columns, these new celebration sticks are festive and practical! You choose the colors, we make it happen for your special occasion! This is something new for us and we are excited to see your inspirations, so contact us if would like this unique creation made just for you!

Designed for Outside!

  • Must be secured in the ground to ensure you can enjoy it all day long

    Delivery Recommended!
  • If picking up, may fit in a spacious van or SUV
  • Delivery is $50 and up based on distance and order size
  • Preparation:
  • Ground must be moist before setup (water or rain)
  • Must have easy access to setup location (i.e.- not on a steep hill, etc.)
  • Nothing must obstruct decor (i.e.- overhanging tree limbs, etc.)
  • We'll happily review your space beforehand...send us pics!

    ***These can be made on pvc stands for indoor use for an additional fee. Please call for more details.***

    Starting Price: $125

    Please call to order

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