Balloon Wraps

A unique way to "wrap" any gift for any occasion, balloon wraps stand out in a crowd.

The starting price of $45 includes the balloons and tissue paper, stuffed animal and/or candy/snacks. We also allow you to bring in your own merchandise.

Please keep in mind that any objects added to the balloon wrap must not be sharp (so it doesn't puncture) and must fit into a hole with an approximate diameter of 5 inches.

Examples of items we've balloon wrapped: small gift boxes, cash, gift cards, candy, stuffed animals, socks, t-shirts, throw blankets, tea, nail polish, baby clothes, toys and more!

You are more than welcome to come in ahead of time and arrange a pick up time for later. If you are a walk-in and would like to wait on a wrap it could take up to 30 minutes depending on how busy we are, so please be patient! Call for more info!

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