Balloon Wraps

A unique and perfect way to "wrap" any gift for any occasion. WE ARE THE ONLY SHOP IN GREENSBORO THAT MAKES THESE WORKS OF ART!!! They can also be used as a centerpiece at any event! We allow you to bring in your own purchases to add, free of charge. Some customers have brought in: small gift boxes, socks, t-shirts, blankets, tea, nail polish, baby clothes and more! Keep in mind that any objects added to the Balloon Wrap must not be sharp (so it doesn't puncture) and must fit into a hole with a diameter of approximately 5 inches. Balloon Wraps for pickup start at $18. Balloon Wraps delivered start at $45. You are more than welcome to bring in your items ahead of time and arrange a pick up time for later. Please be aware that if you are a walk in and would like to wait on a wrap it could take up to 30 minutes depending on how busy we are so please be patient!