Unicorn AirLoon

Unicorn AirLoon
Unicorn AirLoon

This new sensation is sure to lift your spirits! Colorful and oversized, memorable and festive, these AirLoonz are just the thing you need to celebrate in style! Hence the name, these balloons and their base are air-filled only. They will not float with helium. We have a variety of styles available!


Standard: $29.99 AirLoon only inflated w/air

Premium: $59.99- AirLoon inflated w/air + 8-11" latex inflated w/helium

Deluxe: $74.99 AirLoon inflated w/air + 8-11" latex + 1 mylar shape inflated w/helium

Latex: solid, polka dot, star, Happy Birthday

Mylar: Happy Birthday, You're Special, Thinking of You, I Love You, Solid star/round/heart with Name and/or Age imprinted